Becoming Catholic

Becoming Catholic
Welcome! Each person’s journey to begin to look at becoming a member of the Catholic community is very unique and individualized. Have you decided that now is that time? Information provided below will help answer some initial questions. Please feel free to call the parish office for more information on the process.

What & how?
Interested individuals may become Catholic upon completion of a process known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Faith formation meetings are foundation of the RCIA program, which focus on scriptural readings, Catholic teachings, and communicating with God through prayer. Meetings are generally held beginning in September and conclude with a special welcoming ceremony at Easter.

The RCIA process is available to all adults, including anyone unbaptized, baptized in another Christian church, or baptized Catholic. Children over the age of 9 who were baptized Catholic, but were unable to celebrate their First Communion or Confirmation are also encouraged to participate.