Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

We, through the gift of the Eucharist and the power of the Holy Spirit, are a vibrant Catholic, Christian community and through our life-long education and ministries strive to help guide and promote growth in love and service with others in our parish and beyond.

Strategic Plan Reports

Website Update (February 2019)

Altar & Rosary Update (September 2018)

Finance Committee Update August (2018)

Liturgical Committee Update (July 2018)

Parish Council Update (March 2018)

Website Update (October 2017)

Social Concerns Committee Update (September 2017)

Altar & Rosary Update (August 2017)

Parish Council Update (March 2017)

Liturgical Committee Update (January 2017)

Finance Committee Update (June 2017)

Website Update (August 2016)

Parish Vibrancy Survey

Strategic Plan